Real Demarco has officially made over 500 sneaker tags for businesses in Houston, Texas. DemTags are a line of attachable acrylic pieces that can be included in swag bags or goodie bags. Local companies such as Latina Podcatsers Network, The Spoiled Latina Summit and Clutch at The Ion Houston have collaborated with the company.

How did sneaker tags “DemTags” begin?

DemTags is a project that officially started in 2022 at a student accelerator “Red Launch” at The University of Houston, TX. After only 8 students from UH were accepted into the program, the CEO of Real Demarco Luna Demarco, began her business. Real Demarco will focus on urban infused items such as “shoelery” = shoe jewelry. The company already has plans to expand into other products but wishes to establish a space in the market for attachable acrylic pieces. Having participated in the Spoiled Latina Summit 2022 gave the company much exposure and allowed for the B2B connection to begin. The goal at real Demarco is to connect with businesses looking to be innovative and out of the normal! We want to help you create memorable goodies for your employees and important customers.

What’s next for Real Demarco?

The goals for Real Demarco consist of creating bonds with many Houston companies for custom orders, especially for christmas time goodie bags. As well as later on turning DemTags into a monthly subscription box for all your shoelery needs. Being sneaker enthusiasts at Real Demarco allows us to recognize we’ll need to create our space in the market, but Real Demarco will always “Keep it real!”. If you have an event coming up and would like to include something more creative, interesting and game-changing; feel free to send us an email. You can as well sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for all the future wonderful things to come!

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